To start trade on Koinde you need to;
  • confirm your email address,
  • confirm your identity and activate Google Authenticator or trade password.
  • No. You cant trade without verification. But you can see buy/sell ads.
    We are holding assets on cold wallets which it completely isolated and offline.
    Sellers holding assets on koinde cold wallets. When trade starts, the related assets under escrow on sellers account. Until seller release coins. Any disputes investigated by the Koinde trade specialists. Using Google Authenticator to prevent sim hijacking attacks. We aren't using SMS authentication.
    To trade koinde all members required to KYC verification and AML declaration. Any suspected activities immediately informed to authorities.
    We are not get any fee from traders.
    The Koinde is world first and unique hybrid exchange system with zero trading fee and much more opportunites for professional merchant traders.
    We are keeping automated system to reduce workers. Our target is get more customers as possible. After we have enough members we will get from listing fees from coin creators.